Individual Health Plans are available On-Exchange and Off-Exchange


On-exchange means those plans that are available on the public exchange only. If you qualify for a subsidy, and choose to use it on your health plan, then shopping on-exchange is your best option.

Pennie is Pennsylvania's official place to shop for, compare and buy medical and dental insurance. It's the ONLY place that will link you to financial assistance to lower your monthly payment and/or out-of-pocket expenses, if eligible.



Off-exchange means those plans that are available outside of the public exchange environment, or in the open market. The number one benefit of shopping off-exchange is greater plan choice. If you don't qualify for a subsidy, the advantages of shopping off-exchange is substantial.

Qualifying For Financial Assistance

You should always find out if you qualify for any financial assistance. Eligibility depends primarily on annual household income and family size. Your annual income will likely be the biggest factor of how much financial assistance you get.